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    • 07/25/2024
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Virtual

    As the Account Executive at Express Evaluations, Hannah Michelle will guide HR professionals through a transformative presentation on modernizing performance evaluations. This session addresses the challenges surrounding evaluations, exploring why they're often disliked and presenting solutions to rectify common pitfalls. Hannah will delve into leveraging AI, specifically ChatGPT, to streamline and enhance the evaluation process. Attendees will discover how AI can ease the creation of comprehensive evaluation templates and make evaluations more effective without the usual hassles. The focus will revolve around fostering a positive shift in evaluations, promoting continuous feedback, and avoiding the shortcomings of traditional methods. Join Hannah to explore progressive strategies aimed at making evaluations more constructive, insightful, and aligned with organizational growth.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Explore strategies to modernize performance evaluations, understanding why they are often disliked and ways to mitigate common pitfalls.
    • Implement AI-driven approaches, particularly ChatGPT, to streamline and enhance the creation of comprehensive performance evaluation templates.
    • Learn to guide managers and employees in effectively utilizing ChatGPT as a resource to articulate responses to evaluation questions more effectively, fostering clearer and more impactful communication in the evaluation process.
    • Demonstrate how AI can be a catalyst for creating more effective evaluations while ensuring they align with organizational objectives and employee development.

    Hannah Michelle, an accomplished professional in the HR tech space, has over three years of dedicated expertise. She's traversed the United States, actively engaging in numerous HR conferences where she speaks extensively on performance management processes. With a passion for transforming performance evaluations, Hannah's insights and presentations have saved countless HR professionals from the challenges of the dreaded performance evaluation. As an Account Executive at Express Evaluations, Hannah is committed to revolutionizing performance evaluations, changing the stigma surrounding them, and working to guide organizations toward streamlined and effective HR solutions, ensuring a seamless transition into the new era of performance management.


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    • 08/15/2024
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Bethlehem Lutheran Church 4310 Co Rd 137, St. Cloud, MN 56301

    Your best leadership means more than just being a good boss. The best leaders lead well in all directions. They lead effectively upward to superiors and across among their peers throughout the organization. And it all starts with self-leadership: you can’t lead others well without first leading yourself well. Building this leadership framework into your culture will help you decrease turnover, increase engagement, break down silos, and develop a flourishing leadership pipeline that produces future leaders from within the organization. 

    Jon Lokhorst, CSP, CPA, PCC, is a keynote speaker, corporate trainer, leadership coach, and the author of Mission-Critical Leadership: How Smart Managers Lead Well in All Directions.

    He works with organizations to develop leaders everyone wants to follow, build teams no one wants to leave, and deliver exceptional results. Before launching Your Best Leadership LLC, Jon enjoyed a 30-plus year career as a CPA, CFO, and organizational leader.

    He has a Master’s in Organizational Leadership and is recognized by the International Coach Federation as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

    Jon is a member of the National Speakers Association and recently served as President of the Minnesota chapter. He has earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, a distinction held by less than 20 percent of NSA members. On a personal note, Jon loves grandparenting and being “Papa” to his four adorable littles, as he calls them.

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    • 10/24/2024
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Virtual via Zoom

    Did you know workplace bias loss cost is projected at $64 billion annually? When it comes to biases, we must understand that in the absence of details, our unconscious minds will fill in the gaps with information based on our lived experiences and that of others.

    In this session, participants will learn that we all have inner storytellers-or biases that should not be exclusively viewed as good or bad. Instead, we need to become more conscious of whether the story being told is still relevant, helpful, and positive.

    Key Takeaways Include:

    • Discover What Implicit Bias Is: Through thought-provoking discussions and thought exercises, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of what implicit bias is, how it develops, and its implications on our everyday interactions.
    • Understand Various Types of Biases: We will explore the most common types of biases that wreak havoc in the workplace, including race, gender, age, and more. We can begin to dismantle the stereotypes that hinder progress and foster empathy and understanding.
    • Breaking Down Biases to Understand: We will dissect biases to identify their real-world impact in the workplace, community, and home. By shining a light on these hidden narratives, we can take proactive steps towards creating a more inclusive and compassionate society.
    • The Effects of Implicit Bias on Self and Others: Implicit bias not only affects those on the receiving end but also influences our own sense of self and worldview. By examining the emotional, psychological, and social consequences of implicit bias, we will empower ourselves and others to break free from their limitations.
    • How to Address Implicit Bias as an Individual and Organization: As a Whole Knowledge alone is not enough; action is crucial for fostering meaningful change. We will explore effective strategies to address implicit bias on both an individual and organizational level.

    Kenston is a seasoned leadership speaker, trainer, and coach with a passion for empowering individuals and organizations. He is the founder and CEO of Live With Lyfe, LLC, a talent development company, where he leverages his 20+ years of experience in Human Resources to deliver transformative presentations and training sessions.

    A certified John Maxwell Leadership Speaker and a TEDx Signature Speaker, Kenston has delivered hundreds of presentations across 35 states and extended his impact internationally, reaching audiences in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America.

    His expertise is further solidified by his authored books, “Winning Conversations: How to Communicate Successfully and Courageously about Race” and “Parenting Like a Boss: Intentionally Committed.”

    He created an online course, “Cultural Transformation in the Workplace: The 7 Keys to Create and Cultivate Racial Equity,” further demonstrating his commitment to fostering inclusive and equitable environments.

    Kenston lives by the quote, “If you’re doing lyfe alone, you’re doing it all wrong,” reflecting his belief in the power of community and collaboration. His goal is to ignite, inspire, and empower the champion inside each individual, driving personal and professional growth.

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    Central Minnesota SHRM (CMSHRM) reserves the right to use any photograph or video taken at any event sponsored by CMSHRM, without the expressed written permission of those in the photograph or video.

    • 11/21/2024
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Bethlehem Lutheran Church 4310 Co Rd 137, St. Cloud, MN 56301

    In today's volatile marketplace, it's crucial to stay ahead of potential disruptions. But with mounting workloads and burnout, it can be a daunting task. It doesn’t have to be as challenging as it seems. In this keynote, Dr. Janel Anderson, who has over two decades of expertise in recognizing and responding to disruption, will provide valuable insights on how to anticipate future events and the impacts they will have on your business. She reveals how you can forecast the future with just a few minutes of targeted effort each day.

    By the end of this keynote you’ll be able to:

    • Distinguish between turbulence and nuisance
    • Identify leading indicators that will impact your business
    • Respond quickly to disruption in the marketplace

    Dr. Janel Anderson is the founder of Working Conversations, LLC and is a keynote speaker, author and trainer.  Part futurist, part coach, part comedian, she offers practical strategies that can be implemented immediately, while making the audience laugh while they learn.

    Dr. Anderson holds a PhD in organizational communication from Purdue University. Prior to starting her business, she held leadership roles in both large and small companies in the tech sector and was a college professor for many years.

    Janel has appeared in Fast Company, Inc, Entrepreneur, and The Atlantic, as well as on several television networks.  In addition to being a popular business keynote speaker and corporate trainer, Janel is also the author of “Head On: How to Approach Difficult Conversations Directly.” She hosts the Working Conversations podcast where she shares ideas on leadership, business communication, and the future of work.

    In her spare time, she reverse engineers recipes for dishes from her favorite restaurants in her kitchen at home.

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    Central Minnesota SHRM (CMSHRM) reserves the right to use any photograph or video taken at any event sponsored by CMSHRM, without the expressed written permission of those in the photograph or video.

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